Sunday, March 8, 2009

Be fluid, cool, and progressive!

Shared Office Space in Palm Coast

If you are a professional or business person in Palm Coast, or your plans include adding a location in Palm Coast, you must read this.

Whether you are just starting up a new business in Flagler County, adding a new business location, or downsizing your existing location, you probably need an office to gain or maintain a professional image, to have a physical commercial mailing address, and to meet with clients, prospects, vendors or team members. But do you really need to own or lease an office to conduct business?

As the co-founder and a managing partner of Office Divvy, I am biased of course, but I genuinely think that a business can no longer ignore considerations which gained greater importance in 2009, such as your budget, cash-flushness, effectiveness, efficiency and conservation… Agree?....Then you should look at Office Divvy’s part-time or shared office model offered in Palm Coast, Flagler County, Florida.

Office Divvy energetically markets the notion that your professional and business life can be better without the overhead of a traditional office. We do not tell business people like you, not to have a professional office location. On the contrary: An office can give you the professional image and the business location function, a place to meet, a place to work productively from etc… We just urge you not to take on the overhead of a traditional office –if you don’t have to.

Office Divvy is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs and consultants: myself (Kayhan), Lisa and Sim. Each partner brings unique professional and business experiences and perspectives to the company’s vision and operations. For instance Lisa and Sim’s experiences in corporate America as well as in small businesses are priceless. Each partner also has experience with working remotely and working from home.

In this 21st century, having a traditional office versus part-time professional office is like listening to the iPod versus the cassette tape, driving a gas-guzzler versus a hybrid car, heating your pool with the solar technology versus a propane heater. Sharing is cost-effective, fluid, flexible, clean, cool, lean, and suave.

The membership model at Office Divvy for shared office space starts from $99 a month, and it is all inclusive. That means: Furnished, Equipped, Wired, and Staffed. Plans are not only affordable, but also flexible –there are no long term commitments.

Just about one-year old, Office Divvy has already been featured in Daytona Beach News Journal and Volusia-Flagler Business Report and received commendations from community and business leaders in Palm Coast and Flagler County. We are proud to offer a cost-effective office-model to the business and professionals in the Flagler County and Central and Northern Florida.

I believe that the winners in this new economy will be those who know how to address the problems posed by scarcity of resources. Considering Office Divvy may require a paradigm-shift in the way you conduct business, but it can be a tremendous solution to your current overhead and professional image which will impact your bottom-line.

For more on Office Divvy, visit or call 1.888.533.4889.

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