Monday, March 23, 2009

Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Donald Trump asks: “Facebook or Twitter?"

........and he goes on answering his own question: "Now that's a very hard choice. I'm going to have to say Facebook for friends, Twitter for business networking.[9:13 AM on March 22, 2009 @DonaldJTrump on Twitter]

Do you concur with the Donald?

And, how about LinkedIn, where does that all fall in comparison to Facebook and Twitter?

It is striking to see the traffic comparisons of the three on Alexa… (click on the graphic for larger view)

Obviously, from a traffic standpoint, Facebook's traffic far exceeds the website traffic of LinkedIn and Twitter combined!

What do you think works better for you professionally and business-wise? Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn?

Take the anonymous survey to the right hand column and share your opinion with fellow social and professional networkers on New Media.

Results will be published on twitter by April 1, 2009.


  1. Personally, I use both. I connect on a more personal level with the people on Facebook more so than on Twitter (although there is some overlap). Cool part is, my blog automatically posts to Twitter which auto-posts to Facebook. Yes, yes, I'm a knurd :)

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