Sunday, June 7, 2009

Palm Coast Company Finds Twitter Success...

Office Divvy LLC. a Palm Coast, FL based provider of Office Space and Virtual Office Solutions, has the largest twitter follower-base (aka tweeps or tweeple) in the area… (This is a copy of the NewsWire released to the press in early June)

A Social Media Love Affair: Twitter is the most recent rising star and ‘little darling’ of social media. Office Divvy of Palm Coast, FL is a one-stop smart office solutions provider in Palm Coast, FL. The Twitter and Office Divvy affair began in mid-march, of this year, and is leading to great learnings and a big exposure…

According to twitterholic –an application that tracks twitter user statistics, with over 12,000 followers, Office Divvy is the largest followed twitter account in Palm Coast, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach and immediate surrounding areas.

Office Divvy provides Ready-to-Use, Flexible and Part-Time Offices, Dedicated Offices, Interim Offices and Virtual Office Solutions, and related Administrative and Business Services in Palm Coast (Flagler County), Florida. The company’s membership is comprised of solo-practitioners, professionals, home-based-business owners, corporations and entrepreneurs.

Office Divvy is the brainchild of three entrepreneurs: Lisa Schenone Ekinci, Sim Taing, and Kayhan Ekinci.

We are proud to be providing a productive platform in Palm Coast, FL to professionals and business owners who want to focus on their business and not the details that go into setting up and running a business location and an office” says Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Lisa Schenone Ekinci.

Lisa adds: “We are big believers in peer-to-peer information sharing, and twitter certainly provided a wonderful tool for us to share what we’ve learned and still learning with our members and the business and professional community at large.

If you are a work-from-home professional or a home-based business owner in Palm Coast, where else can you meet your clients, prospects, or counterparts and keep a very professional image for as low as $99 a month? This alone is worth tweeting…” says Sim Taing, Co-Founder.

Kayhan Ekinci (Nickname: Ky), the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Office Divvy, is a management consultant and strategic marketing expert. He is credited for building the twitter following.

Ky is humble: “Collaboration and the sharing of ideas happen in real-time among our membership on a daily basis. Twitter has provided us with a platform that allows us to enlarge our community. Now when we read an inspiring article or discover a great business product or service, instead of sharing it with a few dozen or even a few hundred professionals, we share it with thousands, and now over 10,000 people on Twitter, without even leaving the office.

How did the company build the Twitter following? “Organically” is all they say.

To see what they are tweeting about go to: For more information call toll-free 1.888.533.4889, e-mail or visit the company website at

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Additional Information on Palm Coast
The Palm Coast, Fla., micro area (as referred to by the US Census Bureau) — located between the Jacksonville, Fla., and the Deltona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach, Fla., metro areas was the fastest growing “micro area” — grew by nearly 25 percent between 2000 and 2003.

According to the estimate released by the U. S. Census Bureau in Q-1 of 2008, the Palm Coast Metropolitan Statistical Area population increased by almost 6,000 people – from 82,433 to 88,397 – between July 1, 2006 and July 1, 2007, which once again put Palm Coast in number 1 position in the entire nation.

Florida’s Flagler, along the Atlantic Coast between Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, was the nation’s fastest-growing county since Census 2000 with a 66.7 percent population increase from 2000 to 2006. In 2008, the number of Flagler County residents is estimated as 90,000 –twice the size it was only 10 years ago!

Today, Palm Coast is also breaking another record with the highest unemployment rates in Florida. The upside is that the situation may be forcing the entrepreneurial spirit to come alive, with high number of new businesses and compelling start-ups in the area.
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