Saturday, January 23, 2010

Right Attitude for Small Business Success: 12 Tips

Bob Reiss has an excellent article in Entrepreneur Magazine, titled "Success is All in the Attitude -- 12 attributes to put you in the right mindset and give you an edge over the competition."

Mr. Reiss argues that "Knowledge, Skill and Talent" are most important attributes for the success of a Small Business Owner and an Entrepreneur, and lists 12 attitude attributes to put a person in the right mindset for achieving entrepreneurial success.

They are:

1) Passion for Your Business,
2) Being Trustworthy,
3) Being Flexible (except in your core values),
4) Ignoring the Fear of Failure,
5) Timely Decision Making
6) Awareness of Yourself as a major company asset
7) Keeping your ego under control,
8) Believing in yourself, your company, and your success,
9) Acceptance of criticism and your own mistakes

....and three other attributes including on ethics, and how to react to setbacks and dealing with your comfort zone.

This is a truly terrific article that spoke to me personally, and I am confident that Office Divvy clients and community will appreciate it as much as I have.

Mr. Reiss' article ties very well with an earlier blog post I co-authored with Lisa, titled "5 Ideas for Small Business Staying Power in 2010" and including practical tips based on our observations and learnings at Office Divvy from working with entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Complete article can be found here. Hope you will enjoy it and learn from it as much as I have...

PS: Bob Reiss' article is based on his book, Bootstrapping 101, featuring tips as to how to build your business with limited finances and with free outside resources and help. The website for the book is:


  1. Ky, Thanks for your kind blog.I appreciate your attribution. My blog site is Feel free to use any content you feel is right for you. I am doing some more articles for Entrepreneur and will post them when they release them.

  2. Great article...Would like to put them in good use too...