Sunday, January 31, 2010

Social Media Outsourcing for Small Business

Ky Ekinci : Co-Founder Office Divvyby Ky Ekinci
Office Divvy

Zane Safrit has posted an excellent article on Small Business Trends blog, titled: "Is Your Social Media Clap-on, Clap-off?"

In the article, Mr. Safrit identifies several deficiencies in launching and maintaining social media campaigns by Small Businesses. He also identifies 4 good questions to ask yourself before jumping on the social media band wagon:

1) Do you have an open, transparent, company culture?
2) What do you offer that is worth discussing?
3) Are you prepared for change?
4) Can you let go?

I thought Mr. Safrit's closing paragraph was very powerful:
"Social media will only accelerate the spread of (your) message. It won’t change the message. Social media can no more change your message than lipstick can change a pig’s face. Make sure you like the answer to some of these questions before you clap your hands and slap on a social media… something… for your company... " ~ Zane Safrit

At Office Divvy ™, we are investing in all aspects of social media for collaboration, listening, learning, community and brand building, awareness and exposure, as well as connecting with thought leaders, peers, vendors, prospects, and clients.

Currently we manage a dozen commercial social media campaigns. We're routinely documenting our learning experiences and results, not only for reporting back to clients, but for case studies which we will publish later.

Recently, we launched Social Media Packages for companies that need to get started right away with their online efforts. Outsourcing can be a very effective way to begin, but doesn't have to be ongoing. We provide the initial "heavy-lifting" of community building, establishing a content strategy, and the operating procedures for how it will be delivered day after day. Our goal in taking on new clients is not to manage these accounts forever. But instead to get the company started off on the right foot for a duration of up to 6 months. And to do that, we have to ask the right questions so all members of the team are realistic about what is needed.

In an earlier blog post titled "5 Ideas for Small Business Staying Power in 2010" Lisa and I discussed about five practical ideas, one of which was "Be Where the People Are."

Here is an excerpt from that:
"Look at social media, twitter and facebook to make sure you are getting in front of your prospects and customers, listening for keywords, learning from others, including your colleagues and competitors, and building strategic relationships. If social media tools seem alien, find someone to work with until they are not. Don’t miss out on a brand-new, low-cost way to reach potential customers you may not otherwise have access to because you are more 'real' than this new trend."

"Be where the people are" is at the center of our approach. A proper social media presence can position your company for great things. According to recent statistics, 1 out of 7 people use social media actively. Social media has become the 4th most used online application (after personal email). With these kinds of numbers, as a small business, we have to say thanks: Thanks for opportunity to speak to an entirely new audience that is much larger than we could have previously reached based on our size and resources.

If your company is delaying on the decision to begin its social media effort, that may not be a harmless choice. At the very least secure your business name or the name you would like to brand. And consider companies that are offering short social media term programs as potential partners. Our "Social Media Packages"roll out to an established schedule and so does our matching payment schedule. The cost may be significantly lower than what you were expecting. Feel free to inquire and learn more about the possibilities.

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