Thursday, March 4, 2010

Randy Seitz's Powerful Quotes on "Failure"

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I've noticed Randy Seitz on twitter early on, and we made an immediate connection. He is a terrific and experienced Economic Development Executive with a diverse background and an impressive track record.

A couple days ago, Randy was on twitter, skillfully engaging others while machine-gunning a bunch of powerful quotes on "failure."

Last Summer I posted a short blog entry on "Success and Failure" based on a video interview of another Randy -- the Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Randy Komisar. Mr. Komisar was arguing that it is the tolerance for failure that leads to innovation, and hence a solopreneur, a small business owner, a startup are more likely to be innovative (because they can tolerate failure) vis a vis a large corporation. That blog post, and the video interview can be found here: Biggest Success Breeds from Failure

There has been much said, and there is much to say about Success, Failure, and Innovation, but I will not say more. I will instead leave you with some of Randy Seitz's quotes through his wonderful tweets:

" What you call failure... I call practice! "

" I didn't fail... I was preparing for greatness! "

" Failure makes perfect! "

" I am one more failure away from greatness! "

...and when I made a comment to Randy about him being on a roll with his great quotes on failure, he responded with yet another gem:
" ...breaking past the fear of failure is where you will find true success! "

If you are on twitter, you can connect with Randy: @RPSeitz

Other ways to connect with Randy: blog | bio | linkedin profile


  1. I liked the quote about "What you call failure I call practice."

  2. Excellent post! I really liked the quote, "I am one more failure away from greatness!"

    The difference between winners and "also-rans" is the fact that winners are confident and persistent enough to overcome failure.

    This post was obviously written by and about winners.