Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook says: Bye Bye "Become A Fan" -- Hello "Like"

Facebook finally replaced the "Become a Fan" terminology, which we were never fans of. Instead, they introduced the "Like" button, which we (kinda) like.

We're pretty sure this will confuse some folks out there for a while, but any change brings some resistance, right? In the long run, this is a more positive way to describe one's relationship with some of these entities. Who among us wants to be a fan of "Affordable Septic Tank Cleaning" --right? Though you won't mind saying you "like" them.

We're also pretty sure this will bring some new facebook pages, i.e. "I hate the like button."

Sorry for those who recently ran a print ad that read "Become a Fan..."

Now that you read this blog post (and hopefully appreciated it), would you be so kind to go ahead and "like" our facebook page?

1 comment:

  1. We at are in the Fan business as we provide tickets for Pop,Rock Sports and VIP events around the world, so the people we deal with often are 'real' fans of the idols and icons we sell tickets and packages for. That said the phrase "Become a fan" was a bit twee or naff as we say in the UK. 'Like' is much simpler cooler and more direct term. Which we prefer Will there be a “dislike” button as well or are they avoiding that kind of negative participation. So for us, Yes we Likey x