Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google is in Kansas; Topeka is in Silicon Valley?

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This is PART II of my thoughts on the select cities I observed bidding for Google's Fiber-to-Home high-speed internet network trial project. You can read PART I, titled "Google Fiber: How did Palm Coast, FL fair" here...

Today is April Fools Day, and so there it is... The unexpected happened! In recognition of the folks in Topeka, KS renaming their city as "Google, KS" the internet-search and cloud-software giant Google returned the favor and named itself "Topeka."

Tens of millions of people who logged in to Google all day long, saw the screen above.

A very cute and smart gesture by Google! Obviously it brings further recognition to their plans of operating Fiber-to-Home networks with speeds up to 100 times the typical residential broadband speed. And what an honor for the Mayor of Topeka, KS and the residents there. Folks who were involved in campaigning for Google Fiber there, and particularly those ones who voted for the nomination of Topeka, KS for this project must be so proud.

Our Palm Coast and Flagler County community should give a standing ovation to Topeka, KS. We at Office Divvy certainly do.

Coincidentally, I had a meeting with the City of Palm Coast, IT Director Courtney Violette this morning. Courtney is an exceptional IT Director, progressive, intelligent, talented, and he is someone we respect and trust in his job role. We see eye-to-eye with him on many subjects. We had a terrific meeting.

Good things are already happening in Palm Coast in broadband-front: The FiberNET is going to be live very soon. The FiberNET project, which happens to be Florida's first municipally owned open-access network, will serve a good number of Palm Coast businesses with double, triple, quadruple the speeds, and a fraction of the current costs.

Going back to Topeka (oh, I mean, Google), I certainly hope that at the end of the day they will chose Palm Coast, FL as one of the communities to implement their Fiber-to-Home network. The City has tremendous infrastructure that Google can plug into virtually overnight. Google's project will benefit the residents, the home-based-businesses, the work-at-home professionals.

Today is April Fools Day, but this is no joke: Good things are ahead in our community and in our Country. You can take my word for it. :)

Read Part I: "Google Fiber: How Did Palm Coast Fair?"

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  1. Ky,

    Thanks for such positive comments about Topeka's bid for Google's high speed internet. I'm am so proud to be on the fringe of a great group of people working very hard to make Topeka a leading community.