Monday, April 26, 2010

Highlights from SCORE® Seminar in Palm Coast

SCORE® Seminar "Promoting Your Business" took place at the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce in Palm Coast on Friday, April 23rd.

Speakers included, Lisa Schenone Ekinci of Office Divvy (on Social Media and Online Strategy), David Ayres of WNZF (on Radio Advertising), Rosemarie Scharer of Palm Coast Observer (on Print Advertising), and Doug Baxter of the Flagler Chamber of Commerce (on Yellow Pages Advertising).

Roger Leverton, the President of SCORE® Volusia and Flagler County Chapter hosted the event. Here's Roger welcoming the 50 or so participants in the audience:

Lisa's presentation highlighted Social Media for Business, particularly facebook and twitter; as well as Online Strategy, Measurements and Metrics. Lisa used two mannequins to represent clients and gave advise on how to think about, target, and engage. Here are the two clients who graciously accepted the invitation to participate in the presentation:

We have to give credit to Belk's Department Store in Palm Coast and Coconut Island (aka Tommy Bahama Store) in European Village for loaning these props...

Lisa used two additional props, physical boxes to represent the difference between what's in your business box (business facebook account) and what's in your personal box (personal facebook account). Using boxes to represent the gathering of a company content strategy also allowed for extending the analogy to the concept of being able to hand-off or share the content strategy with others both in and outside of the business.

David Ayres' presentation was most entertaining. David is an advertising and radio veteran, and the Vice President and General Manager of WNZF and Beach Radio, both broadcasting from Flagler County. He handed out a useful top-10 advertising tips test to the audience (here are a few of the questions):

1) The human _______ is the most powerful way to ________ people.

2) We all buy ________ and justify ________.

3) It's better to be ________ than it is to be "Better."

4) When creating your ad, don't confuse ________ with Marketing.

5) Great advertising campaigns confuse _________, and appeal to the __________ _________.

So, how did you do in this test? Are you wondering what the answers are?

You have to go to the bottom of this post to see the answers. :)

This was the first in a Four-Series Seminar, offered by SCORE® and the Flagler Chamber of Commerce. Subsequent sessions include:
  • June 25: Financial stability, including key financial statements and ratios, as well as criteria for and information about loans and borrowing

  • August 27: Compliance, business entity selection, taxes and business licensing

  • October 22: Insurance (property, liability & auto) and Human Resources (employment law, workman's compensation, grants & employee selection)
Cost to attend is $20, including lunch paid to the Chamber. R.S.V.P. in advance to the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce & Affiliates at 386.437.0106.

And before you get mad, here are the answer's to David's test:

1) The human VOICE is the most powerful way to INFLUENCE people.
2) We all buy EMOTIONALLY and justify LOGICALLY.
3) It's better to be FIRST than it is to be "Better."
4) When creating your ad, don't confuse SALES with Marketing.
5) Great advertising campaigns confuse BROCA, and appeal to the RETICULAR ACTIVATOR.

Okay, you will now ask what the hell is Broca, and what the hell is Reticular Activator. Well, you had to be at the seminar to make sense of it all!

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