Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too much face time in the office is as bad of a thing as no-face time!

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I stumbled upon a video segment by a TV station, advising reducing face time in the office.

The station's business-contributor, small-business journalist and entrepreneur Susan Solovic's advice is, to reduce long hours at the office, and to consider time off, and flex-time such as working from home. There is wisdom in that!

You've heard the old saying: Out of sight out of mind. In today's tight job market, many employees are worried that might be true so they are reluctant to take time off from work, work from home or take advantage of flex hours. They feel compelled to been seen at the office as much as possible. However, too much "face time" in workplace may actually be sabotaging your career.

Here is the video:

As I watched this segment, I got reminded that according to recent statistics there are over 21 Million folks out there, who work from home; including telecommuters, work-at-home professionals, and home-based business owners. That made me think that the opposite of Susan Solovic's advice is also true. That means if you're working from home, then you probably need some face time: Changing environments, dealing with isolation, socializing with other professionals, having a "water-cooler conversation" etc.

Coworking is a growing trend, and it can be the perfect solution for the latter problem. There are many coworking space providers today in almost every urban area, and even in some rural and suburban areas like Office Divvy ™ in Palm Coast, Florida. Our members can enjoy flexible coworking time 50 hours a week, doing solo-work but working side by side with other professionals. Collaboration and networking are added benefits for coworking.

We have also introduced what's called a "Coworking Jelly" as a community-service. It is absolutely free of charge, and allows non-members drop in with their laptop, 2nd Wednesday of each month, through June 2010.

Next Jelly Coworking in Palm Coast (Flagler County) will take place on Wednesday, April 14th, from 11am to 7pm. If you're in the area, feel free to drop by. Here is more info on Jelly Coworking.


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  1. I want to "Jelly CoWork"!!! : ) It just sounds fun!!! Too bad I missed the last one, but I'm in if you go another round!?