Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Do these Two Twitter Tools Tell You About Yourself?

These two Twitter Tools tell you about the profile of your followers, and your own twitter content...
Twitter Sheep tells you about the people whom you're connected with --meaning those who subscribe to your twitter feeds, aka "followers" (we're not particularly fans of the "follower" terminology, and as you see we try hard to find other ways to describe it.)

The application scans the bios of your "followers" and brings up the results in a cool tag cloud format. The screen-shot below is the tag-cloud results of the bios of the folks who are connected to Office Divvy's twitter feed at @OfficeDivvy:

TwitterSheep does not require you to allow an API Connection to be made to your twitter account, which is something we like. Its colorful output of your twitter followers' bios (user profiles) is useful in understanding what kind of follower base your twitter feed is attracting.
Tweet Cloud has been around a little longer. This is an application which may help you better understand what kind of content you are tweeting. It does however require you to allow an API Connection to be made to your twitter account, which is not something we like. Oh well!.. (By the way, maybe we're a little too conservative, but we find it a good practice to revoke access of an application to your account once you are done using it. To do that, go to the Settings tab in your twitter account's web interface, click on Connections, locate the app, and hit "Revoke Access.")

Okay, back to the point, it's nice to see what kind of keywords you are tweeting more frequently, and tweetcloud gives you just that. Here's what our tweet cloud looks like:

You may have already known about these tools, and if you did, you probably already gave up reading this post. But if you haven't known about them, we hope you will appreciate discovering, what we think to be, cool twitter tools. :)

It's important that we emphasize that we do not endorse either of these applications. We absolutely have no relationship with either of these entities, or the folks who designed them. We noticed them during our own twitter journey and thought they are pretty simple and cool, so we're just sharing what we have discovered. You understand that you can't hold us responsible for possible hick-ups.

You can find TwitterSheep at; and TweetCloud at

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