Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Palm Coast FiberNET Co-Lo Facility Introduced

Palm Coast Mayor Jon Netts, Vice Mayor and Council Member Mary DiStefano, Council Members Bill Lewis, Holsey Moorman, and Frank Meeker used their golden scissors to 'cut the fiber' the morning of May 11, 2010:

The 'fiber cutting' ceremony marks the opening of the colocation facility housing the Palm Coast FiberNET and providers' equipment.

Also in attendance were:
  • City Manager Jim Landon
  • Chamber President Doug Baxter
  • City's IT Director Courtney Violette
  • CEO of Florida Hospital Flagler, David Ottati
  • President of Design Nine, Dr. Andrew M. Cohill
  • President of Lux Communications, Rob Beach
  • and Office Divvy co-founders Lisa and Ky Ekinci
FiberNET is an open access, multi-provider telecommunications network that has been developed by the City of Palm Coast in response to requests from the business community to use City-owned fiber infrastructure to help spur business and jobs growth. Over the next two years, the plan is to get fiber connections to most businesses in the City. FiberNET will be operated as a digital road system, the City will build and maintain the digital road system, but private businesses (providers) will use the digital road to deliver goods and services to customers.

FiberNET is an exciting project for Palm Coast, primarily benefiting select business locations along the Palm Coast Parkway and Town Center. Office Divvy headquarters at the West Pointe Plaza were in the phase-1 of the project, with all infrastructure already underground. We expect to have fully up and running at Office Divvy in early June.
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