Sunday, July 18, 2010

5 Select Articles on Social Media...

Here's a compilation of select articles and blog posts on Social Media which came on our radar recently..

We typically share much on twitter and facebook, but the particular news, articles, and blog posts that really stand out, we compile them here on our blog every Sunday.

52 Cool Facts About Social Media
Danny Brown compiles 52 facts (one fact per week of the year) on facebook, twitter, linkedin, YouTube, and Blogging.  Facts such as "90% of Internet users know at least one social network" or "The average social user has 195 friends."
Facebook Games: Office Wars
Nope, we're in no way, shape or form fans of Facebook games. But this one sounds really funny, so we thought it's worth sharing.
How Facebook will take over the world
Facebook will announce its 500 millionth user any day now, but to reach one billion users the firm needs to expand in developing markets. by Jemima Kiss of Guardian.
Man Claims to Own 84% of Facebook
A man with a contract claiming at least 50% of Facebook. Read how he did it with just $1,000.
How to Optimize Your Site for SEO
Here are some tasks that need to be completed for great Search Engine Optimization. In fact, some of them are pretty simple...

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