Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 Select Articles on Startups, Entrepreneurship, Small Business, and Technology

Here's a compilation of select articles and blog posts on Startup, Entrepreneur, and Small Business matters which came on our radar recently

We typically share much on twitter and facebook, but the particular news, articles, and blog posts that really stand out, we compile them here on our blog every Sunday.

Are Successful Women Entrepreneurs Different From Men?
Yes! Women are entrepreneurs too! But how do they differ from the men? There are differences, and researchers are left surprised by results.
Why Morning People Rule the World
Not that evening people are life's losers; some of our best friends are evening people... But studies show there are many advantages your "morning-ness" can give you. Don't have morningness? You may be able to change that...
7 Steps to Creating a Successful Online Business
Running a business online today is the modern thing for most entrepreneurs, and with 7 steps like these, you can run one, too. But why? Maybe it's the passive income, or the ability to fulfill yourself by earning money doing what you love.
How We Can Encourage More Female Entrepreneurship
Over 50% of consumers on the internet are women... that gives [female entrepreneurs] a huge competitive advantage. But stuff like their natural fear of taking risks is holding them back. How can we change this?
You're No Steve Jobs, So Look Before You Leap
"Iterate, iterate, iterate." If you don't know what that word means, find out now! That's what entrepreneur Wadhwa says is doing. He predicts that they have "a better than average chance of becoming a Zynga or Facebook."
10 Ways the Next 10 Years Are Going To Be Mind-Blowing
We made it through the first decade of the 21st century alive, let's hope we can do it again, because soon you may not need to change out of your clothes into a bathing suit to swim. In fact, your car might have tiny solar panels all over it as you drive to work. And if you go on vacation, you might be staying in a resort that moves.
Google's Schmidt Undaunted by Apple or Facebook
Google has some things to clear up. And from Schmidt's standpoint, Google seems very confident and not worried by innovations and pressure coming from Apple and Facebook.

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