Friday, July 30, 2010

Mail Never Stops! Feel frustrated over your email inbox?

Remember the famous scene from Seinfeld?
George Costanza: Why do the Postal Workers go "postal" and shoot everybody?

Newman: Because the mail never stops!  It just keeps coming and coming and coming... There's never a let up, it's relentless!

Do you feel this way about your email inbox?

Or now that the new media is here, maybe even about your twitter or facebook timeline?

We can give advice here on productivity and time management and how to tips to deal with your email or on how to tune in and listen to folks on your twitter and facebook timeline; but we won't.  Because no matter how hard we try, we are on the same boat as (almost) anyone out there!

What are some of the ways YOU deal with your inbox and twitter and facebook timelines?

1 comment:

  1. Love it! First, huge fan of Seinfield; "he who controls the mail controls information".... Second I've found that ever since I got a "smart" phone it's only distracted me more!!! I'll be working on a project on the computer, phone beeps received something via email or facebook, then email beeps, then phone, then email. At first I was was excited, new apps, new messages... fun fun. Then I'm up till midnight still working on the same project! Why? Because I wasted nearly three hours (guessing) reading and replying to messages. So now I silence my phone and close out my inbox when I'm working on a project. At lunch, I'll open everything back up and take 10mins to read and respond, anything more than that has to wait until after 5pm!