Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We love our customers: Happy Valentines Day!

At Office Divvy we do not hide that we love our customers.  At every interaction we remember our mantra: "Empowering Entrepreneurs" --and we listen for ways we can help and assist them.  But there are other ways to show the love, and what better time to show our love than the Valentines Day coming up.

Here's something sweet to show our love:  Chocolate in heart-shaped boxes that say "BFF" or "UR GR8" ...totally reflecting our feeling. There was also the one that said "QT Pie" ---but someone ate those, no need to name names. :)

So.....this is a last call: If you are an Office Divvy member, and did not drop in to pick up your goodies, please do so by this weekend.  Otherwise the cookie monster is not responsible!

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