Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor, is an individual who would typically invest up to $150,000 in raw, early stage web and tech Startups, and who can stomach significant risk in their investment, and who has entrepreneurial or specific industry experience.   

Angel Investors (frequently referred to as "Angels") are affluent individuals who have had extensive business experience in one or more entrepreneurial ventures or in Startup environments. An Angel Investor would typically provide capital in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity.

The following video provides terrific definitions on Angel Investing; and features Ron Conway of Angel Investors LP, and Mike Maple, Jr. of Maples Investments in a Stanford Entrepreneurial Corner presentation. Mr. Conway and Mr. Maple also explain the difference between an angel investor and venture capitalist, while pointing out why an angel's smaller investment dollars might be a better choice for a Startup:

Because Office Divvy ™ works with Startups, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Small Business community, two common questions we receive are "Do you know any Angel Investors?" or "Does Office Divvy ™ do Angel Investing?"

Our mantra at Office Divvy ™ is "Emprowering Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Small Business." We are equally and genuinely interested in a Startup idea, a new entrepreneurial venture, and in any current or prospective Office Divvy ™ member's existing business.

Services we provide at Office Divvy ™ are built around reducing overhead, and helping an Entrepreneur affordably outsource certain operations to our team so they can focus on their core-business objectives. Depending on the business idea or the nature of Startup business, we even provide free services for a generous duration; or create action-based pay-only-with-performance types of scenarios. In our membership, we have successful, functioning examples of both models.

Co-Founders of Office Divvy may also individually or as a collective invest in a business with an entrepreneurial or operational or equity investor roles.

If you are an entrepreneur in Palm Coast, Flagler and Volusia County, or anywhere in Central Florida or beyond, and have a Web/Tech Startup Business idea, do reach out to us for mentorship, cooperation, or startup incubation consideration or connections.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Google Blogger is on the move!

Google Blogger is announcing big changes and improvements to continue to be a contender. At Office Divvy ™ we have worked on and released a dozen or so powerful Wordpress blogs for our own as well as client properties.

But our current blog here is powered by Google Blogspot, so we're happy to learn about improvements to come. Watch:

...and please do reach out to us if you need Google Blogger help or Wordpress help.

Monday, March 28, 2011

What kind of Funding to Avoid for your Small Business

A common problem for Small Business in the last few years has been funding your existing business or new Startup business idea

Banks are clammed up, looking for maximum security and maximum return.  SBA tries to fund small business, but only (okay mostly) giving out secured loans, and unfortunately your house doesn't have much or any equity any longer.  Grandma is not answering her telephone and not returning your calls because she already took a hit and cannot further afford losses in her savings and retirement funds.

There are other options to fund your business including bootstrapping (that is if you yourself --or your family-- have the funds), bringing in new partners (that is if you can work in a partnership environment and actually find partners), or Angel Investors (that is if your business operates in web or technology startup world and if you have a noteworthy, scalable business idea). By the way I will do a whole series of posts on Angel Investor world shortly.

No matter what you do in funding your operation, try to avoid funding options built around taking what you have.  So, avoid transactions like you will see in this classic, priceless video of Abbott & Costello:

...and stay tuned for my upcoming posts on the Angel Investor world as those may offer viable options.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Facebook Enters "Social Media Questions 2.0" Market

Facebook did a soft release of their new "Facebook Questions" module...

With the success of Social Media sites built around Questions and Answers, such as Quora,,,, Facebook now launched a new Facebook Questions functionality.  It allows individual users as well as pages to ask questions.

What's interesting is your facebook friends as well as the subscribers to your business pages can vote on the question, answer it, and share it with their community; and that allows one to cast a much wider net using the new Facebook Questions function!

Facebook will roll-out "Questions" site-wide soon...  For now, you can select to speed up that launch and start using it by going directly to the facebook app/function page.  This is not a third party functionality --it's facebook's own.

Once you install the app, it puts it among your "share" choices/functions on your profile as well as the pages you administrate:

Once a question is asked, others can answer it, share it on their wall with their community, vote on it, or add additional multiple choice response options to the question that others can vote on:

While asking the question, you can also add survey-style multiple choices:

Facebook is surely going to create a lot of buzz around it's new questions functionality!

Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below...

Ky Ekinci : Co-Founder Office Divvyby Ky Ekinci
Co-Founder, Office Divvy
Thursday, March 24, 2011

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LinkedIn Reaches 100,000,000 Members!

Congratulations to LinkedIn for reaching 100 Million Members.

As impressive is this beautiful infographic they posted on their blog:

The Single Biggest Problem in Communication Is....

A favorite George Bernard Shaw quote is:  

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. 

....and here's a "classic" example ---enjoy:

Do you feel this has happened to you?  You're not alone!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flagler County Chamber Members say they are Lucky!

Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, and Bunnell business community gathered at Finn's in Flagler Beach on St. Patrick's Day for the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours.  It was tremendously gracious of Finn's to host the event on St. Patty's day.  Hundreds showed up!

Kelly Lohman of Socialsmidge, went around for 15 to 30 second interviews with the Chamber members, asking them why they felt lucky on this St. Patty's Day. The common response was obviously "for being in Florida and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather" along with a few other responses.

Yours truly (moi) also makes an appearance in this video.  Enjoy:

...and thanks Kelly for taking the time to shoot the interviews and put this together!

Ky Ekinci : Co-Founder Office Divvyby Ky Ekinci
Co-Founder, Office Divvy
Monday, March 21, 2011

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hiring Tips from Eben Pagan: Who not to hire?

Who to hire, who not to hire?  That is the question...

Have you ever heard an employee tell you they do not like "business." Don't hire people who say things like that! Here's more practical advice from Eben Pagan as to what to look for in a prospective employee, what to ask, and who to hire:

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awesome Video, Awesome Advice by Neil Pasricha

An absolutely awesome Entrepreneur story is being told by Neil Pasricha, and awesome advice is being given here in this video.  His blog 1000 Awesome Things became a celebrated and award winning blog organically from nothing.....well not exactly nothing, but an idea and commitment to acknowledging the small things that make all of us happy and feel positive.

Neil Pasricha's blog was built around life's simple pleasures, and started in times of sadness and stress.  His goal was to focus on what was positive in his life to deal with those tough things going on.

In this TED video Neil reveals the 3 secrets (all starting with A) to leading a life that's truly awesome.  If you have 17 minutes to spare, watch it, it'll make your day (and maybe all your days ahead) better:

Neil certainly didn’t anticipate that his website/blog would become one with reaching to millions of readers, win two Webby Awards (“the Internet’s highest honor” according to The New York Times), be named one of PC Magazine’s Top 100 Sites On the Internet.

Great learnings here all around!