Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Is QuickBooks® Out To Eat Square's Lunch?

Quickbooks came up with their own version of a smartphone credit-card device.  They call the service GoPayment --with which you can accept credit cards and get paid instantly on your mobile device.

Company is offering a FREE offer to those who respond by 5/14/11, with: 
  •   No minimums or cancellation fees
  •   No need to purchase additional equipment
  •   Easy to download transactions into QuickBooks®
There is fine print, so make sure to read and understand the costs before you sign up.

You will remember that in 2010, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey attracted a lot of attention when he left twitter to launch Square, which was the first mobile payment operation in the US to use apparatus to be added to smartphones for swiped mobile payments.   Dorsey since went back to Twitter.

Here at Office Divvy ™ we work with Small Business Owners, Startups, and Entrepreneurs providing them with ready-to-use offices, virtual office solutions, professional phone answering and other outsourced operations.  , Serving the small business community we really appreciate the possibilities these mobiles payments provide.

It's important to say that we've become big fans of Quickbooks particularly because of their Quickbooks Online product, which gives us tremendous flexibility.  Because it's a cloud-based services, it allows us to use remote team members, and transparency and collaboration between the accounting team and the co-founders.  We love it so much that we became a quickbooks affiliate, and recommended wholeheartedly!

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