Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Simple Rules for Talent in Business

UK Mogul Felix Dennis says there are six simple rules
concerning talent:
  1. Identify it.
  2. Hire it.
  3. Nurture it.
  4. Reward it.
  5. Protect it from being poached.
  6. ...and when the time comes: Fire it!
Common Rookie Mistakes that Start Ups Make is a great article by Herb Schaffner published on BNET. You'll enjoy reading it.

...and remember:

There are six simple rules concerning talent: identify it, hire it, nurture it, reward it, protect it from being poached. And when the time comes, fire it.

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  1. ..actually I think there is a 7th rule, which is "Appreciate It!"   Yes, appreciate talent at every stage.