Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20th: It's Work from Home Day!

Today (May 20, 2011) was Work From Home Day!  ....okay, it was really celebrated only in the UK this year: May 16th to 20th was officially "Work Wise Week 2011" leading to the finale: "National Work from Home Day" which was today, Friday, May 20th.

If you did go to the office today, you missed out on a great excuse to stay at home and enjoy a day working from home.

British newspaper, The Guardian, just published an article titled: Work from Home Day: Let's Do It Again and announced:

" Working from home is a growing trend, with plans to give every employee the right to request flexible working by 2013."

About 50% of the Office Divvy members work from home full time, occasionally dipping in to take advantage of their business location with private offices, conference and presentation rooms, and coworking space within Office Divvy.   

Good idea, and Smart campaign!  
We hope it gets adopted in the  US in year 2012 and onward. 
We'll do our share and help for that.

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