Monday, August 29, 2011

Targeted Facebook Status Update Sharing is not so targeted

Facebook made a slight improvement to its "update status" module: Who to share a post with is now a little more visible; however the ability to share a post with a "list" is still not there.

Currently, you can decide who to share a facebook status update with based on the following selections:

  • Public (meaning everyone can see it)
  • Share it with your facebook friends only
  • Or a custom selection, such as:
    • Share with friends AND friends of friends
    • Specific people (name who to share with among your friends)
    • You can also name to hide a post from certain people

These are obviously useful selections.  Sometimes you can decide to post something only to a few people; or hide a post from someone else (i.e. your mom).

However the ability to share a post with a list is still not there.

As you know you can put your facebook friends into different lists (i.e. family, classmates, coworkers etc. etc.) and "listen to" a particular list when you choose to; but cannot post a status update that goes to the members of a particular list as of yet.  Google+ Circles has still that advantage on facebook.

There is no doubt facebook will allow the function of sharing with lists; it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.  And in this case the sooner is the better.

UX Industry: What is it? Where are the jobs?

You've heard the term, UX which stands for User Experience, and refers to the architecture and interaction models which affect user experience of an application or device. Here's an awesome infographic showing different kind of careers that exist in interactive device and application fields.

Notice where the jobs are and big gaps of (sometimes several states) in between. Essentially these jobs can be done from anywhere with today's technology. Our challange as a country and business community is to see that done. :)

UX Career Guide

Credit and Kudos to go to:
Copyright © 2011 by Onward Search. Kudos, and thanks for allowing this infographic to be shared.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Use Twitter to Ask Questions and Get Answers

Twitter is terrific to get answers on things you want to know/learn about. If you have a large following, hopefully you already know that a large following helps because it would get your question on the radar (timeline) of people who are following you.

But what if you have a small number of people who follow you?

Then you have to use the magic of direct-mentions (i.e. "@OfficeDivvy I have a question for you: ....") or the power of hashtags (i.e. "What is the best #Smartphone to buy out there?").

Here's a terrific infographic on how twitter is being used to ask questions:

Twitter Loaded Questions: How People Ask and Answer Questions on Twitter

PS: We do not encourage ask questions by DM (direct message) especially to those folks whom you do not know in real life; or have a strong connection with on twitter. Reason why? It comes across spammy.

PPS: Isn't this a pretty cool infographic?  The credit goes to InboxQ. And kudos to them for allowing us to use it here, too. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Social Media Panel at Flagler County Chamber of Commerce

On August 11, Palm Coast Chamber hosted a social media panel to a full-house audience of 60 people from Flagler County business world. The panel was moderated by Andy Rice of Creative Consulting and the presenters were:

  • Ky Ekinci - Office Divvy ™ (on twitter)
  • Kelly Lohman - SocialSmidge (on facebook)
  • Cindy Dalecki - Marketing2Go (on YouTube)
  • Connie Rice - Creative Consulting (on LinkedIn)

Here is a fun, condensed version of Ky's portion on twitter:


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twitter launches its own built-in photo-sharing functionality

Twitpic was a great concept.  It's timely launch was admirable.  It rode the waves of success thanks to solving a problem on twitter for years. The problem it was solving was the picture sharing on twitter. Then others came, yfrog, instagram, and the like.

Now twitter launches their own built-in photo sharing functionality powered by photo-bucket:

You can learn more about twitter images here.

Happy International Coworking Day!

August 9th is designated as "International Coworking Day" to celebrate the culture of coworking worldwide!   Today you can come in and join other professionals free of charge in our coworking lounge in Palm Coast.  Just grab your laptop and join.  

We also offer a limited time free coworking in Florida program for anyone to discover the benefits of coworking based on their own schedule.   Just follow the above link to obtain your coworking pass(es). 

Happy Coworking Day!