Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Use Twitter to Ask Questions and Get Answers

Twitter is terrific to get answers on things you want to know/learn about. If you have a large following, hopefully you already know that a large following helps because it would get your question on the radar (timeline) of people who are following you.

But what if you have a small number of people who follow you?

Then you have to use the magic of direct-mentions (i.e. "@OfficeDivvy I have a question for you: ....") or the power of hashtags (i.e. "What is the best #Smartphone to buy out there?").

Here's a terrific infographic on how twitter is being used to ask questions:

Twitter Loaded Questions: How People Ask and Answer Questions on Twitter

PS: We do not encourage ask questions by DM (direct message) especially to those folks whom you do not know in real life; or have a strong connection with on twitter. Reason why? It comes across spammy.

PPS: Isn't this a pretty cool infographic?  The credit goes to InboxQ. And kudos to them for allowing us to use it here, too. :)

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