Monday, August 29, 2011

Targeted Facebook Status Update Sharing is not so targeted

Facebook made a slight improvement to its "update status" module: Who to share a post with is now a little more visible; however the ability to share a post with a "list" is still not there.

Currently, you can decide who to share a facebook status update with based on the following selections:

  • Public (meaning everyone can see it)
  • Share it with your facebook friends only
  • Or a custom selection, such as:
    • Share with friends AND friends of friends
    • Specific people (name who to share with among your friends)
    • You can also name to hide a post from certain people

These are obviously useful selections.  Sometimes you can decide to post something only to a few people; or hide a post from someone else (i.e. your mom).

However the ability to share a post with a list is still not there.

As you know you can put your facebook friends into different lists (i.e. family, classmates, coworkers etc. etc.) and "listen to" a particular list when you choose to; but cannot post a status update that goes to the members of a particular list as of yet.  Google+ Circles has still that advantage on facebook.

There is no doubt facebook will allow the function of sharing with lists; it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when.  And in this case the sooner is the better.

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