Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Facebook makes further changes to its photo utility

Back in April 2011, Facebook bought the photo-service divvyshot; a company launched within the Y Combinator --a California based private incubator/startup accelarator.

Divvyshot allowed group photo sharing: with capability for multiple users edit albums, particularly grouped around various events and places. As part of the acquisition, the service has shut down (and the domain now points directly to facebook).

So the move in purchasing divvyshot was more about acquiring talent, than needing their services as they provided them.

Soon after the acquisition facebooks photo improvements started, including a lightbox (non-intrusive second layer pop-up) viewing experience.

One thing most folks liked about the google plus' photo experience has been photos and videos looked larger in one's timeline.  Some of the changes facebook released recently adopted capabilities first launched with google-plus, and now, visually multiple photos look better and more predominant in the facebook timeline as well, with larger photo viewing:

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